THE founder of THE salon - Georgie Yam

Beyond Compare – Georgie Yam

As the Founder of THE salon-Georgie Yam, Georgie is, simply put, hairstylist extraordinaire. In an impressive career that has spanned almost three decades, to describe Georgie’s portfolio as comprehensive would even be an understatement! His is one that simply bursting at the seams with career notables and other such highlights as both industry pioneer and professional. As the leading name in hair and beauty management on both the local and international scene, Georgie has certainly established himself on the glamour scene in a global way.

Georgie left his home country of Hong Kong in the early 70s to pursue his training in hairdressing in London. Following several highly successful apprenticeships at Vidal Sassoon, Morris Master Class, Jingles and Alan International –all in London- Georgie made an incredible impact on the Singapore hairstyling circuit upon his arrival in 1978. Quick to appreciate his cosmopolitan flair was a well-heeled clientele consisting of the social set and well-traveled expatriates as well. As his fame grew, Georgie soon built up an impressive customer following of the Who’s Who of Singapore.

Over the years, Georgie has also managed to accomplish the extra-ordinary feat of winning the respect and support of his peers in the hair and beauty industry. Acknowledged for his multi-faceted talents within the industry and without, he is recognized as an innovative setter of hair trends whose business acumen and artistic fashion flair have also served as inspiration to those around him.

In addition to his talent as a hairdresser, Georgie’s entrepreneurial spirit has also seen him explore opportunities outside of his immediate work scope. In 1992, several of Georgie’s real-life encounters and hair anecdotes served as the humorous inspiration for the comic book Singapore Shampoo; In 1997, Georgie’s own desire to document his approach to hairstyling led to the publication for the book Beautiful Hair by Georgie Yam, which he not only wrote, but also took all the photographs personally.

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National Day - 9th August
Christmas Day - 25th December

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